Interview with Nitrro Bespoke Fitness Founder, Prabodh Davkhare


Author: Chris Sankar

Nitrro Bespoke Fitness Center’s name was derived from nature’s element – Nitrogen. This element helps boost weight and performance training and is found in all living tissues. Nitrro Bespoke focuses on holistic fitness training for all and has been visited by major Bollywood celebrities and 8-time Mr. Olympia winner, Ronnie Coleman. Mr. Coleman has even given expert fitness advice to Nitrro gym members. Located in Mumbai, India – Nitrro Bespoke Fitness founder Prabodh Davkhare was interviewed by Destination Luxury to discuss his unconventional gym concept and keen insights from running a successful operation that’s currently expanding in leaps and bounds.

What inspired you to get into fitness and how did this happen?

Prabodh Davkhare: Our tagline is “Driven by Passion for Fitness.”  To excel in anything, you’ve got to be passionate but also SMART.  Following the acronym SMART:  S– Specific, M– Measurable goals and actions, A– Achievable goals need to be set, R– Realistic, and T– Time-bound. It’s all about setting smart goals and following through on them. 

Nothing happened to me. I had to make things happen. Life kept throwing challenges and difficulties on my journey, but passion worked as a fuel to overcome my obstacles.

What sparked the passion in hospitality and how did this spillover to your gym?

Prabodh Davkhare: Opting for a post-grad course in hospitality management happened out of my curiosity to know more as I was planning to open hotels and restaurants. Since I was in a relationship with my then Swiss girlfriend, I stayed back in Switzerland for a few years where I took up a part-time job in a Michelin star restaurant. But, I hated it. Whenever I found the time, I used to go for a work out at a popular Swiss fitness chain called Silhouette. That’s where I found my true love – gyms.  I instantly decided when I returned to India, I would open up a gym of my own.

Where are your current gyms and where else are you opening your gyms?

Prabodh Davkhare: Currently, we are located in Thane-Lake City and South Mumbai Breach Candy. Another gym will be opening up soon in Pune and Nasik in India. Our first international chain will be opening in Dubai in the near future.

Do you follow any particular rigorous training routines?

Prabodh Davkhare: I love weight training and prefer to train 3-4 days a week.  I follow Joe Weider’s principle of training, which is not rigorous but definitely hardcore.

What does the future hold for Nitrro?

Prabodh Davkhare: Entering the digital age with newer technology, Nitrro will continue to grow, improvise and create a “Nitrro Experience” for its satisfied clientele. As we continue to expand, we’ll build more facilities using state-of-the-art technology.

How else do you spend your time outside of Nitrro? Are you involved in other ventures?

Prabodh Davkhare: Nitrro is not a gym for me.  It’s an emotion, a life’s motto I carry 24/7.  Other ventures are more of a passive income source, but this is my life’s passion.

What have you learned from creating Nitrro?

Prabodh Davkhare: Even passion comes at a price. To be the best, I’ve realized it’s an ongoing investment to constantly improve. No one is going to do the job for you.  You find a way to start it and find a way to finish it as well.

We’ve noticed that most of your facilities, from your exterior and interiors, have been imported. Why is that?

Prabodh Davkhare: Taking the best from different sources shows there is no compromise on quality, especially when establishing a gym.

One of our first impressions seeing the neon purple lights reminded us of Virgin America. Was this an inspiration?

Prabodh Davkhare: Well, I never had that in mind, but the goal was to just give it more of a rock star vibe – to create an energetic and trendy look and feel. We want to be different from what you see in other conventional gyms and clubs. I was against the idea of having the same boring gym interiors that you see in every other gym.

It’s also a reflection of my inner self – wild, energetic, and unconventional with the aspiration to be better than my competitors.

Learn more about the gym, Nitrro Bespoke Fitness.



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