Benefits of Yoga on Mental health

Everyone knows and talks about the benefits of Yoga for the body and how it makes it healthier physically. But there are multiple studies which show that Yoga helps in easing the mind too. There are various reports which express the benefits of mental health, life satisfaction, anxiety reduction, and boosting self-esteem.

Yoga also helps in reducing stress hormones and anxiety, both of which are a part of mental illness.

How yoga helps the body as well as the mind?

Yoga is a combination of physical activity, awareness, and meditation.

When your mind is stressed, it gets very difficult to be present at the moment and registering your current surroundings. Practicing and doing Yoga allows you to be more mindful and aware of your actions and present situations. Engaging in mindfulness regularly will help you to prevent your emotions from spiraling out of control, which is extremely helpful in the case of anxiety or depression. It also helps in building a clear thought process and enables one to take decisions with better clarity of thought and direction.

Different areas where Yoga helps your mental health

Anger management: A study was done on adolescents in 2012 which showed that yoga helps in increasing your ability to control anger, compared to someone who has never done yoga. Thus, Yoga is a great tool for anger management.

Anxiety: Anxiety can take a mental, as well as a physical toll on your body which results in nervousness, frustration, irritation and in some cases, may even lead to high blood pressure. Practicing yoga regularly helps your body and mind to become more calm, relaxed and fluid. This relaxed state of mind reduces anxiety, as suggested by a number of studies.

PTSD Symptoms: PTSD ( Post-traumatic stress disorder) is common with war veterans, assault survivors and witnesses of natural disaster or terror attacks. Many studies have shown that Yoga can help people who are suffering from PTSD symptoms deal with their traumatic stress and strengthen their minds further.

Self-Esteem: Indulging in different yoga postures have shown to improve the psychological effects on the mind and it also improves the sense of energy and self-esteem. This improved self-esteem affects all facets of life including personal attitude and the way one thinks.


Yoga has definitely proven to be an effective tool for mental illness. For people dealing with anxiety, depression, and stress, yoga is a very essential way to manage those symptoms. The scientific study of yoga tells us that physical health and mental health are not just closely related but are essentially equivalent when it comes to a healthy well being. Practicing yoga is a relatively low-risk approach to improving overall health. However, even though yoga shows reduced symptoms and improved mental well being, it can’t replace a professional’s treatment. It’s always advisable to consult a doctor if you sense any symptoms of severe mental illness.

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